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Budget Movers just left my new place and I feel instantly compelled to give them an excellent rating. George and Nicolas ROCK!! They arrived at my apartment on time and had everything moved out, moved in and put together between 8-11:15am! They gave me advice on how to fix the broken cable cord at my new place and even fixed my squeaky bed.

They were incredibly professional and friendly. They charge by the hour and even though I told them to slow down and take a break since it was so hot, they kept going and moved quickly but carefully.

It only cost me $336. I couldn’t believe how quick and easy the process was.

I will never enlist my friends to help me move again, other than to put things in boxes. This was so painless.

Felicity H.
San Carlos, CA

They do careful work, moved us twice and always show up on time or a few minutes early. Never a problem, the photo above shows our really steep driveway that they had to move up and down because a truck could not make it down, never complained!

Andrew J.
Belmont, CA

I was referred to Blaine when my brother explained that he had done much research on movers and had chosen him to move his items (antiques included).

Blaine is always on time; sees what items that you have to move and the place in which you are moving. In addition, he makes suggestions about items and how they may be difficult to fit into the new place . Blaine puts down in writing the estimate. When the cost is below, which it has mostly been, that is the cost that one is charged!

Blaine’s men have moved me 3 times (going on 4) … they are amazing quick, take excellent care of my antique furniture as well as other pieces and their rates are extremely competitive. Always on time, and take down my cell phone number to let me know that they ahave finished loaded the truck and are on their way.

I have moved over 20 times in my life, and Budget Movers are the best company that I’ve ever had!

From my understanding, Budget movers do moving outside the state, but one would need to talk with Blaine about this.

Thea S.
Peninsula, CA

Budget Movers is run by one of the best guys around! Blaine is a straight shooter who really knows how to take care of his customers.

They’re professional, conscientious, and fun.

I highly recommend them based on my experience of several moves.

Russell V.
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve used Budget Movers twice. Both times, they were great. They are on time, careful, considerate, quick, prepared and bonded. They work hard, happily and are careful about my goods.
I’d use them again in a heartbeat.

Brian i.
Redwood City, CA

We moved about 6 months ago with Budget. I was just posting to another message board about our success with this company and thought I might as well save the keystrokes and paste that review to Yelp as well… so here it is:

We used Budget Movers of San Carlos with GREAT success. The contact is Blaine, cell 650-619-6355, w: 650-637-1277 (I recommend the cell phone for immediate contact).

We had three bids and they were the cheapest, and they were also highly recommended by our trusted realtor. They packed everything (very thorough/careful), were patient with unloading (made sure I had everything exactly where I wanted it, even opening boxes for me as they unloaded so I could determine where they should put it), adjusting rugs and furniture to make sure they looked their best in the room, and taking great care with our newly refinished hardwood floors. Also, they did not try to pressure me into buying their new boxes etc.; they encouraged me to find/use preowned boxes from Craigslist — and they also included the use of as many wardrobe boxes as needed for free (and you can put a lot of stuff in wardrobe boxes, not just clothes!). Also, although we had allotted one day for packing and one day for moving, they went ahead and moved a truckful of stuff on the first day (so we could get started unpacking) and then moved the rest on the second day. There was NO extra charge for making two trips (the equivalent of using two trucks, which some of the other movers quoted). Finally, they quoted me a “not to exceed” price which means that by law they could not go OVER that price for the cost of the move (not including packing materials, but they gave me a pretty fair assessment of what that would be if I provided most of my own boxes, and a per box charge if I didn’t). I double and triple checked that I would/could NOT be charged more than the quoted price for the move itself (but you should do this yourself). The bid was slightly lower than the other company we strongly considered (Lunardi, which I also liked and which came highly recommended), and almost half the price of another company (Irish Express) which tried to convince me that if Budget’s quoted price was that low it “had” to be a scam (it wasn’t). We’d use them again anytime. A+

Karen M.
Mountain View, CA

I had been dreading my move since the day we decided to move. We looked at several different moving companies but when I looked on yelp their reviews were horrible. Then I found BUDGET MOVERS. I read all of their reviews and there wasn’t a one star in sight. That being said I called and spoke to Andy and he wanted to do a walk through to be able to give me an accurate estimate. Budget was the first moving company to offer to do that. So, moving day came and they arrived early(7:50 they said the would be there at 8), they moved our two bedroom home into their truck within one hour. We got to our new home and they unpacked and arranged our furniture in another hour. Total time 3 hours oh and did I mention that it was raining the whole time. The movers were friendly and conversational and extremely polite. Budget Movers deserves every good review they get. I will never fear moving again as long as Budget Movers is around!!!

Ashleigh R.
Redwood City, CA

Wonderful service…..I have moved all over the country and have never had the service, the trust and the effectiveness as I had with Budget Movers. If need a move in the Bay Area..I could not recommend them any more. Andy, who I believe is one of the owners, is a fantastic guy. Can’t go wrong here…no worries about being ripped off of your stuff wrecked. 5 star.

Jj N.
Burlingame, CA

We used Budget on the recommendation of our kids. On time, cheap, well done. They came in under their estimate.

Jim P.
San Francisco, CA

I used Budget Movers a few weeks ago, just wanted to let everyone know what a great move i had with them. They were on time efficient and professional. I would use them again and recommend them to all my friends and family.

Casey W.
Burlingame, CA

We have used Budget Movers for the last 6 years for each move we have done. We have used them to move us from San Bruno to San Mateo, used them to do short run moves even used them to move something from downstairs to upstairs.

They are always happy to oblige. Expert piano movers, too! We whole-heartedly recommend them to all our clients as well. They are always very punctual and are reasonably priced.

Andy, Blaine and crew are the best!

Theresa R.
San Mateo, CA

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